Pezo Pals


Awarded 2013 Top Toy of the Year and 2013 Kid’s Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine! Named “Hot Innovative Product” by Taggie Awards. The Best Thing to Happen to the Teddy Bear… Smart-Tech Pezo Pals! Pezo Pals are the world’s most adorable smart-tech teddy bears! They are the only customizable Music, Story, & Message Smart-Tech Teddy Bears that grow with children. With a life-like personality, Pezo Pals use smart technology to talk, interact, respond, teach, and entertain. Pezo Pals connect families and friends anywhere in the world with the online recorder. They are perfect travel and educational companions. Pezo Pals come with 24 hours of preloaded entertainment right out of the box with 100 children’s classic stories, hours of fun music, and interactive fun games! Stories are told by talented storytellers. Music beats are performed by a variety of artists. Pezo Pals are today’s new generation teddy bears! With a selection of 700,000 new MP3 files at the FUN STAR online store, the fun along with educational lessons are endless! Children’s experiences will change with every new MP3 file you download. Along with English, you can select stories and songs in other languages like Spanish, Chinese, German, French…etc.