Pines to Vines – The Forest Biome


Pines to Vines is a book app based on the forest biome. It is part of our Crack the Books series of digital science books. These books are the first that can be adjusted for reading level without sacrificing curriculum content. Targeting 3rd – 6th grade science and social studies concepts, our science books allow for reading level adjustment from 1st to 8th grade, making it possible for all students in a classroom to access the same curriculum content regardless of their reading ability.

Designed to foster comprehension and student engagement, Crack the Books features hundreds of supportive audio and visual elements including high definition photographs, integrated video footage, fun facts, custom animations, custom images, interactive maps, slideshows and interactive games.

I believe these books are deserving of a Kapi award because they represent a giant leap forward in digital books for the classroom. All the visual supports help improve reading comprehension while making students WANT to read to learn. In addition, the disparity of student reading levels that our elementary teachers face in their classrooms is a huge problem, and Crack the Books is the first series of books that offers a real solution for educators.