Crazy Gears


Crazy Gears is a unique problem-solving game that gets kids thinking critically, problem solving, and exploring physics and other STEM topics. There are no instructions — kids experiment as they figure everything out on their own. A detailed parents’ guide provides background information and definitions.

Crazy Gears’ progression is a perfect scaffold, presenting new items once children have understood how to use previous ones. Each reasoning challenge was carefully designed to adhere to the theories of educational technology pioneer, mathematician, computer scientist, and designer of the first programming language for children, Seymour Papert. As a child, Papert fell in love with gears. Their movement fascinated him in every way and inspired his career. Crazy Gears was conceived not only as a tribute to him, but with the hope of providing a child with the inspiration to discover and understand the physical properties of mechanisms found in their everyday lives.

Crazy Gears is a great opportunity for kids to explore open-ended play and experimentation and also get a really good sense of what gears, weights, pulleys, and other simple machines do.