Bluebee Pals


Our NEW Bluebee Pal PRO are a Bluetooth enabled interactive plush learning companions in 6 different animal characters: Monkey, Zebra, Lion, Lamb and Puppy. Bluebees can read with a child, sing along with a child, help learn a new language, teach educational skills like reading and math all while connected to any tablet, phone or computer. Our innovative technology allows the Bluebee Pal’s “Mouth,Head and Neck” to move while paired to any Apple or Android App creating a truly interactive learning and play experience beyond the screen. This “educational tool” is one that contributes to a child’s development in everyway offering endless and entertainment while connected to Apps. Bluebees pair to all Apps: Educational, Storybook, Music, Speech & Therapy & AAC Apps.

Kayle Concepts partners with various educators, therapists and app developers working towards creating new educational materials. We have received positive testimonials from the parents, teachers and therapists who utilize the toys for communicating and learning at home, classrooms and even therapy settings. Our goal is to inspire children to communicate and promote learning with a plush tech companion. An Interactive huggable friend who can “engage” children in their daily communication, learning and playtime routines while connected to technology.