Cosmolander – Missions in the solar system


Cosmolander offers the opportunity to take an unprecedented interstellar educational trip.
“Cosmolander – Missions in the solar system” is designed for children ages 6 and over who love space and astronomy. With Cosmolander they can learn fun facts and information about the entire solar system through an interplanetary journey.
Kids can study the structure, size, climate, curiosities, satellites, journeys and historical discoveries for each planet of the solar system through texts and enjoyable, well-designed animations. The fun quizzes allow them to check what they have learned and to complete important missions.

Cosmolander reached 60.000 download worldwide in the first ten days after launch and have been featured over over 100 times in the App Store home page. Thanks to this it reached the top 5 of kids charts in 60 countries and it placed first in 32.

The app is available in 6 languages and takes full advantage of the potential of the new Apple TV.