Doctor Justabout and the Human body


Doctor Justabout and the human body is an extraordinary journey of discovery through the human body, designed for children and young adults. It is a fun and educational app that teaches how the systems and organs of the body work, with lots of interesting facts and fun animations. There is advice on hygiene, nutrition and physical activity.

A game designed for children and teens that the whole family will love; it is a journey to learn interesting facts and information about our body through personalised games for each organ system.
From the main menu kids can choose whether to help the four characters of the app to recover from their “strange illnesses” or whether to explore the human body to get to know its secrets.
For each organ system, children will discover the parts that it is composed of and learn interesting facts and valuable information about how our body works. The fun quizzes and mini-games allow kids to check what they have learned playing with the app.

Doctor Justabout is available in 6 languages and takes full advantage of the potential of the new Apple TV.