Highlights Every Day


Highlights Every Day offers the screen time kids crave, backed by the quality content parents have always trusted and expected from Highlights.

Created in partnership with Fingerprint, Highlights Every Day features classic Highlights “Fun with a Purpose” reimagined for growing digital consumption habits of children.

Highlights Every Day delivers high-quality content that’s both fascinating to kids and trusted by their parents. This content includes original videos and quizzes, engaging fiction and non-fiction, and fun puzzles that build skills and stretch young minds. Included, of course, is the iconic Hidden Pictures puzzle popularized by Highlights.

Highlights Every Day is a celebration of fun and exploration. Each day, the child is presented with a wrapped gift. When clicked upon, the gift releases up to five new pieces of content—a delightful mix of activities to read, watch, and do. The more kids use the app, the more activities they will accumulate. They can scroll through their collection, personalizing their experience by saving their favorites and consuming expertly crafted content that inspires them, in the Highlights tradition, to become their best selves—creative, curious, caring, and confident.