NicoNotes Composer


NicoNotes Composer is a one-of-a-kind free-to-play app that makes learning music and composition intuitive and fun! This innovative learning platform, designed for children 5-9, is also a great app for parents and teachers interested in blending music education and entertainment.

NicoNotes are magical owl-like characters, each representing a musical note with a unique personality and color. These adorable characters spark children’s imagination and creativity as they place them on a musical staff making music come alive!

Kids easily learn the basics of music composition, adding and rearranging notes intuitively as they listen to the music they create. Professor Fippy helps them use more advanced tools developing sound recognition skills and focus as they create more intricate musical compositions.

To make larger bands kids can adopt MiPS! (Music Instrument Pets!) – Lovable interactive characters to add to their songs. They can learn more about MiPS and NicoNotes visiting their magical Whistlers World homes!

NicoNotes are part of Whistlers World, a magical place where all communicate in a language of music and a global playground, where children from all over the world can learn from each other using music, imagination and discovery.

NicoNotes – Light up your brain with music! ™