SAM’s Curious Cars Kit


Empowering youngsters worldwide to get hands on with smart tech, SAM Labs makes smart construction kits of clever little blocks and a fun app that gives everyone the power of technology to build awesome inventions. With the Curious building blocks and the SAM Space app, kids can stretch their imaginations to create projects, games, inventions and hacks in no time. The kit also comes with its own unique new app: SAM’s Curious Cars.

Providing an age, gender, and ability neutral toy that also teaches essential digital skills coupled with problem solving, SAM’s Curious Cars deserves this award to prove that coding and future digital skills can be captured through play. Used in over 1,000 curricula globally, SAM is trusted both by teachers and parents, but most of all, by kids. Recently launched in Barnes & Noble across the United States, SAM Labs is aiming to bring accessible and fun technology to everyone!