The Restricted Adventures of Raja


The Restricted Adventures of Raja is a one-of-a-kind, interactive, bilingual graphic novel that teaches children the skills necessary for emotional intelligence, such as empathy, while being immersed in a wonderful story of courage and compassion. It’s the year 2050. Earth has become a dreadful place that lacks kindness and is full of animals with no homes and very angry and lonely people. Raja, a very special warrior from another world, has been sent on a Warrior Mission when he suddenly becomes compelled to instead help a very lonely Earth boy. The only problem is that when Raja arrives on Earth he suddenly discovers that he has become a domestic Earth cat and is afraid! The Restricted Adventures of Raja is the first in a series of stories that follow the journey of this warrior. To complete his mission, Raja must make decisions based on observing the behavior and emotions of others. By reading along and playing the Animal Watch game, readers will begin learning how they can understand, empathize and respond to animals based on their behaviors.