Together Tales


Together Tales are Adventure Kits that families bring to life! The child becomes part of the story as parents help set up treasure hunts, digital clues, and cute coincidences that personalize the experience.

Designed for ‘early chapter book’ literacy levels (8-10 year olds), Together Tales alternates between printed chapters and interactive activities. These activities are crucial to the story and create a sense that the reader is the hero of the adventure.

Most importantly, the parent becomes our ‘insider’ when personalizing the activities. For example, parents are directed to hide puzzle pieces around their home and write clues specific to their home. The characters in the story can then incorporate these clues through a mobile app that guides them and scans each printed piece. Once an activity has been completed, the parent receives a notification that they can release the next chapter for bedtime reading.

Each Together Tales adventure includes eight unique activities like tablet-based games (puzzles and arcade style), physical experiences (scavenger hunt, geocaching) and even crafts connected to the story.

Together Tales focuses on creating quality time and family memories instead of isolating children – parents play along in the narrative and the innovation harnesses this natural relationship.