BandDings: A Musical Adventure


Inspired by the Grimm fairytale “Town Musicians of Bremen,” BandDings whisks even the youngest of children on a musical journey of discovery. Help Rose the Walrus recruit adorable characters to join her band hidden inside enchanted forests and bustling cities. Then use those itchy toddler fingers to help her jam live on stage for the final concert. It’s hide-and-seek, music and learning — all rolled into one rockin’ band adventure!

BandDings fosters creativity, concentration, and listening skills and introduces musical concepts including layering sounds, rhythm, and polyphony while playing. At the same time, BandDings is incredibly hilarious. 25 quirky musicians and 175 original tracks make each journey unique. The player becomes a producer and decides how the band will sound on stage.

Every character and animation is hand-drawn with love. The soundtrack is made by our very own musicians and one-of-a-kind sounds allow kids to imitate, learn, and repeat. They have the freedom to play and explore: No points, no goals, no wrong answers here. It is intuitive even for the youngest to use by themselves, with no text or voice-overs.