Dotopedia is the digital companion to “Dot.”, an animated series about an 8-year old girl who uses technology to enhance her adventures in the natural world. It invites kids to connect, explore, and create a digital repository of the subjects they’re most passionate about. It is the real-world parallel of the app used by the show’s titular character, and operates much the same – as a resource to assist kids in actively and passively exploring the world around them. Literacy-based with an encyclopedia-styled interface, the app promotes content creation and play, all within a closed network.

Kids are encouraged to populate the Dotopedia database with pictures, audio clips, and stories about anything they want. The app comes pre-loaded with over 300 different articles, extending the “Dot.” universe and enticing kids to explore a myriad of topics before creating their own. Guided by Dot, users earn rewards by completing daily quests and participating in enriching activities, all of which purport the same end goal – to demonstrate how the digital and natural worlds can unite to create an entertaining and integrated user experience.