ELFKINS Communications Robot


The ELFKINS Communications Robot is a smart toy that enables safe, screen-free communication between children and their loved ones. The ELFKINS platform helps families overcome the frustration with remote engagement and bridges this gap so they can continue to share, teach and have fun with their children even when they are not together.

Leveraging robotics and connectivity, ELFKINS enables real people to connect and engage. With the push of a button, children can record messages and send them to family and friends, including other children with ELFKINS within their parentally approved networks. In turn, through the ELFKINS app, adults not only respond but also capture a child’s imagination with personalized animatronic gestures such as blowing a kiss, laughing and much more. Also, provided in the app are ELFKINS activities, creative templates crafted to entertain, educate and spark creativity.

Dr. Anne Cunningham, PhD. (Professor, University of California, Berkeley) says, “The ELFKINS product is a dynamic tool that promotes children’s creativity, develops verbal and cognitive skills, and nurtures their social and emotional development.” ELFKINS focuses on the fundamental building blocks of communication and relationships.