Kiddopia – Kids Learning Games


Kiddopia is a dynamic app that runs the gamut of early education and teaches a huge variety of skills to kids of younger ages. It covers everything from shapes, the alphabet, logic, patterns and problem solving to creativity and self-expression, all the while engaging kids with its stunning visuals and exciting gameplay. Our company, Paper Boat Apps, has been producing many successful and entertaining games for early learners that have become popular across the world.

Our app is created by two parents who understand the need other parents have to find games for their children that are both entertaining and educational — and also to encourage self-discovery. We’ve created Kiddopia to be the best of both worlds. All our games are designed with the help of experts and tested by parents and kids alike to ensure they will be a perfect fit for you.

Through Kiddopia your child will learn a wide range of subjects that will improve rational thinking, motor skills, breadth of knowledge and self-expression. We’ve perfected the learning process through our games to be as natural and intuitive as possible so kids will continually develop while exploring a new world they’ll want to return to often.