Professor Einstein


Professor Einstein is an amazingly life-like personal robot that helps kids discover the magic of science! Via an iPad or Android tablet, Professor Einstein connects to the cloud and interacts dynamically with kids to educate them on subjects such as astronomy, physics, biology, geology, and more. With the accompanying Stein-O-Matic app, kids can also challenge and exercise their mental muscles with entertaining brain games.

The Professor Einstein product also showcases amazing design – engineered to look like the real Einstein, he is the first robot with the ability to conduct over fifty gestures, including smiling, frowning, sticking out his tongue, and much more. Professor Einstein can also serve as a social companion, as he is equipped with speech-recognition software that allows him to understand and respond in conversation. Kids can tap into his vast range of knowledge by simply asking “Hey Professor…?” and Professor Einstein will answer their questions. Kids are further motivated to utilize Professor Einstein with the apps “Genius Points” system. Answering daily “Data Cards” correctly advances them in the ranks of genius on the app.

Professor Einstein is a revolutionary product that allows kids to take interactive learning to another level!