smART sketcher Projector


Learn to draw, sketch and write like a pro with the smART sketcher™ Projector. The smART sketcher™ Projector promotes creativity and helps develop fine motor skills while embracing STEAM learning and 21st century technology. smART sketcher™ Projector combines traditional and digital play in an innovative new activity. Users can transform any photo taken from their smart devices into a sketch by using the free smART sketcher™ app. Users can snap a picture, apply a filter, and with a click of a button, magically transfer it via Bluetooth to the projector. Instantly users will see their desired image projected onto their paper, and can begin sketching with incredible accuracy. The result is a professional-looking drawing of anything their eyes can see!

Each smART sketcher™ Projector also includes a pre-loaded micro SD activity card, offering 50+ activities that include step-by-step instructions for drawing and writing. By bridging the gap between digital and physical play, smART sketcher™ Projector helps budding artists develop age-appropriate skills using crayons, markers, and pencils to draw.