SpriteBox Coding


SpriteBox Coding is a learn to code game that features a one-of-a-kind approach to teaching coding: using puzzles that first introduce icon-based programming and then transition to a real programming language syntax (Swift on iOS and Java on Android).

Moreover, the puzzles are set in a full-blown adventure game, where players embark on a journey to find pieces of a broken rocket. They’ll explore different worlds, meet new characters, and unlock cool outfits. This combination of unique learn to code progression and game based design is why we think SpriteBox Coding is a real contender for “Best Children’s App (older kids)”

SpriteBox Coding was developed by the team who made LightBot, a learn-to-code puzzle game that’s been used by over 20 million kids and tens of thousands of teachers worldwide. It is the result of everything we’ve learned since then. We can truly say it is the most engaging way to get kids coding.