Best Children’s App (older kids)


An app on iOS, Windows or Android that stimulates a child’s learning or creativity. (Ages 8-16).

LogicCity Jr


Logic puzzles app for kids age 6-10 to develop problem solving, critical thinking, and the analytical reasoning skills that are the foundation of all STEM fields. Designed by a math teacher with over 30 years’ experience writing elementary math textbooks in Canada and several award winning board puzzle games (e.g. Metaform was Best Pick – Dr. Toy – USA 2009, Architecto Game Of The Year – Creative Child Magazine – Usa 2010).

LogicCity Jr has already won the Silver Medal at the International Serious Play Awards.

Several cool features of the game:
– Low floor, high ceiling. Hence easy to start, but then really challenges the kids (and adults).
– Uses shapes and colors, is non-threatening to kids with math phobia, while they develop mathematical thinking without realising it.
– Builds independent thinking and self-esteem through successfully solving difficult puzzles.
– Kids really enjoy playing with them, and can advance to challenging puzzles by working their way up from the start.
– Great to play together as a family.
– Simple, uncluttered interface.

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