Category Descriptions

BestChildrenApppre-readers Best Children’s App (pre-readers)
An app on iOS,Windows or Android that stimulates a child’s learning or creativity. (Ages 0 – 8)
BestChildrenAppolder-kid Best Children’s App (older kids)
An app on iOS, Windows or Androd that stimulates a child’s learning or creativity. (Ages 8-16)
Innovation-Awardbestuseofemerging-technology Innovation Award (best use of emerging technology)
An emerging technology can include but is not limited to AR/ VR, 3D printing, social media, coding skills, Internet of Things
LearningAwardBestSchoolBasedCurriculum Learning Award: Best School Based Curriculum
Used in schools or after school programs or a curriculum offered for home consumers
BestHardwareorPeripheralDevice Best Hardware or Peripheral Device
Can include anything from “glasses”, wristwear,  tablets, phones, geo-location devices, robots, printers, scanners, wearables – to name a few.  If you can hold it in your hand then  it’s hardware.
BestContentDistributionPlatform Best Content Distribution Platform
Channels that aggregate kids (video, text, images, TV or other content includes but are not limited to places like Netflix, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, National Geographic Kids, YouTube Kids, BrainPop
BestPhysicaDigitalExperience Best Physical/Digital Experience
Combines a physical object (a doll, a game piece, a robot) along with movement from the user.
PioneerAwardPersonorTeam Pioneer Award to Person or Team Furthering Digital Kids
A person or company who has changed the course of kids interactive media for the better
PioneerAwardPersonorTeam Best “Maker” Spirit  Toy or Service
The maker spirit encourages kid’s mastery over their environment. Whether it’s coding or building a physical object, it stresses open ended exploration and creation.
PioneerAwardPersonorTeam Most Creative Experience
Painting, music, writing, colloboration drama, multimedia, animation website building – fostering creative experiences through media.