The 12th Annual KAPi (Kids at Play Interactive) Awards celebrate excellence in children’s media and digital toys. What makes the KAPI Award program unique is our illustrious panel of judges. For the past ten years our experts have crafted a vision of the best digital toys on the market, and expressed that vision in the KAPi awards.

Why CES?

CES is the showcase for technology and innovation. At the heart of innovation is a multi-million dollar toy industry that’s committed to growing digitally-adept future citizens. It’s a great venue to cross-pollinate with other technophiles and get a pulse on the trends that empower the next gen of tech.

How Can I Enter My Product?

We’ve got an FAQ for that! The process involves self-nomination, with a nominal entry fee. To see if you quality read the FAQ. What do we win? A place in history, a big trophy, plus an unforgettable night of food, entertainment and honors at the KAPi Awards on January 9 in Las Vegas. Plus your product remains on display with video links, social media, online voting stats and a logo program linking your site from Sept - Sept each year.

How Can I Find Out More?

The KAPis are part of the CES Kids at Play/FamilyTech Summit at CES. They were created by Warren Buckleitner, Founder of Children’s Technology Review, as a way for the industry to come together to honor the developers and designers who’ve given kids so much joy and knowledge.

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2020 KAPi Entries