2014 Gallery

The 2014 KAPi Awards

For kids being digital is like breathing oxygen — it’s just something that you do. For the makers of quality kids digital media it’s like being a grand puppeteer. You’re best if you’re unnoticed. You want kids to believe in the magic that you create for them.

What’s the recipe for making magic? A sense of whimsy and wonder, a clean user interface, exciting design and age appropriate content are just a few of the ingredients. A respect for children is another. These 8 products, from high tech playgrounds to an exploration of the human body to collectible figurines, all take the digital medium to new heights.

We’re proud to recognize the 2014 Kids at Play Interactive (KAPi) Awards, peer-recognition awards designed to recognize innovation and excellence in design in commercial children’s interactive media. See more at: http://kapiawards.wpengine.com/faq-2/#sthash.jRFnhDAh.dpuf

Each year we also recognize one individual whose contribution to kids media is unequaled. Past winners have included Dale Dougherty, Marc Schlichting and Ge Wang. This year’s Pioneer Award goes to David Kleeman, President of the American Center for Children and Media. Click here for his acceptance speech.

KAPI Awards Winners

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