ZooPAL-A Gift by SmartyPAL


Started by husband-wife team of technologists/entrepreneurs, as parents overloaded with apps claiming to be “educational”. Partnered with leading early-childhood development experts-Prof.Hirsh-Pasek &Prof.Golinkoff. SmartyPAL’s three pillars:Play-Apply-Learn(PAL) Play:Apps are fun; parents can co-play Apply:Apps measure child’s progress. Parent-Portal unlocks data for caregivers; provides actionable insights. Learn:Apps grounded in latest education-research; Data-driven apps personalize learning experience for each child First iPad-app “ZooPAL-A Gift” is a personalized, interactive story-plus-game, targeting pre-schoolers, where the child’s the hero& story changes each time they open the book! Child actively moves narrative forward by solving series of tasks to help their animal friends retrieve a mysterious box/rescue an animal. Tasks help pre-schoolers build skills like literacy, math, executive-functioning &spatial-skills. Entire storyline changes each time,e.g. box stuck in different place, tools vary& you meet different animals. Adaptive learning algorithms determine the storyline &tailor tasks within a storyline to match child’s learning trajectory. App tracks detailed data on child’s learning along framework of 80+ skills. Top-100 in 11 countries under “educational games”, top-20 in four. Rated 5-star by Educational App Store. Users use our app 5.92 times-a-week(average) – twice what’s typical for Education apps. Vision-Build a suite of apps for each age-group, adaptively recommending apps. Parents/schools pay subscription-fee for suite