Most children dream of becoming an astronaut to travel to Space. Astropolo offers 8 mini-games that are highly interactive and engaging for children from 4 to 8. Players are asked to help Polo the astronaut throughout this stimulating adventure: cheer the space rocket for take-off, help Santa find his lost reindeers, lull Zleepy a friendly alien to sleep by singing a sweet lullaby. They will also meet many other wonderful characters. This app is far more than a game, it also helps children develop their fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination and voice control. It’s a wonderful app for teachers, parents and Occupational Therapists. 100% made from cut-out paper by French artist Chloé Mazlo, Astropolo is a work of art and proof that traditional craft and technology can live together! More games will be added through free updates throughout 2015: help Polo make find his suitcase, sort the planets according to their size… Astropolo is available in 16 languages.