Bedtime For Sarah Sullivan App


The Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan app, based on the award-winning book of the same name, offers a positive twist on traditional bedtime stories with an emphasis on a rewarding interactive experience, for both parents and kids. The app offers three storytelling modes, 32 imaginative interactive pages feature objects and/or characters that make sounds, movement or speak upon touch, and three in-app games which challenge, educate and entertain young readers. Recent studies show that the 30 minutes before bedtime can significantly affect a child’s tomorrow, setting the stage for a happy and successful next day. Along with the activities, the app is designed to empower young girls and boys from an early developmental age with a nightly bedtime ritual of practiced positive imagination, while also role-modeling a positive father-daughter relationship.. “What’s most intriguing about Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan is the special Coloring Activity. It’s actually based on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s theory about how what we see, do, and think about right before bed (about 30 minutes or so) can affect both our dreams and our mood when we wake up. Paniagua wanted to know, “What if you implemented this at a developmental age?” (Rob Rich, 148Apps, August 28, 2014)