Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play – Preschool Learning Activities


Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play is the first children’s app to incorporate a nurturing, live host into the children’s media experience. In the past, the most popular children’s television shows would have the host pretend to speak directly to the audience (Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, Mr. Rogers, etc). Now, for the first time, the audience can communicate back! Preschoolers can explore an interactive, underwater world, play fun games, and engage in exciting learning activities. As children swim in the underwater world as a fish avatar, they will be guided by a Deep Sea Explorer. This Explorer shares engaging stories and encourages each child, creating a fun experience based on the activities each child completes. Since the Explorer can guide multiple swimmers at once, each child can share their creations of drawings, songs, or even a built sand castle to be seen by the whole group of swimmers. Watch each child get excited as the Explorer calls out their name. Children love being rewarded with badges for their effort! Developed by respected experts in early childhood development, Captain McFinn promotes social and emotional development in kids ages 3-5. The Captain McFinn Swim & Play live experience is available 7am-7pm (PST).