Kurio Phone by Techno Source


Kurio Phone is a fully functional, unlocked GSM Android™ 4.2 smartphone that has the sophisticated features kids want combined with the advanced parental controls and safety features parents need. Kids can call and text message friends, take photos, watch and record videos, listen to music, surf the web safely, and download apps and games. Kurio Phone is Google Certified with access to millions of apps through Google Play™. Parental control features include: Contact management, restricting who kids can call or be called by; usage controls that limit their volume of calls and text messages by day, week or month; the ability to contact parents in case of emergency; as well as geolocation and geofencing features so that parents know where their children are and can receive alerts if they leave a designated safe zone or enter a danger zone. Parents can access the password-protected Parent Area on the device through the Kurio Genius app or access it remotely using a web browser, allowing them to even lock/erase the device’s content in case of theft. Additional features include: app management, time control features, and the Kurio Genius™ Internet filtering system covering 500+ million websites in 170 languages to block inappropriate content.