LumiKids Park


From the makers of Lumosity, LumiKids is a new kid’s app rooted in developmental science that provides a collection of play-based experiences designed for children two years and above. Decades of research demonstrate that child development is impacted through a variety of early experiences. LumiKids is designed for children to play while using important core skills that serve as the building blocks for healthy development including cognitive, motor, and social-emotional skills. LumiKids’ team of child development experts conducted over 200 hours of user research with children and parents to understand play patterns in both digital and physical environments in order to create the most intuitive and engaging experience. LumiKids allows children to play and explore a digital playground, while parent learn about their child’s activity. Additionally, parents are provided with tips on how to practice these skills in the real world. LumiKids is kidSAFE+ certified. It is intuitive for young learners to use by themselves, with no text or voice-over instructions. It also adapts to each child’s ability level, keeping young learners challenged, engaged and motivated with no feelings of failure. The LumiKids Park app also has an average 5-star rating in the iTunes App Store.