Practicing Mental Math can be boring and a challenge for Kids. We believe that casual games can provide a great incentive for kids to enjoy practicing Mental Math. Milk Hunt: Kids Math Game follows the “Skill and Drill” approach to help kids aged 6-11 years practice mental math in a casual gaming environment they are familiar with. The game holds a child’s attention for a longer span due to its fun and challenging gameplay. It integrates mental math revision as an incentive to get in-game currency which they use for getting power-ups to improve their game score. This incentive makes them practice mental math on a regular basis. The game has an intelligent algorithm which continuously monitors the child’s performance in math to create an optimal database of questions. Parents and teachers can monitor the child’s progress through intuitive and detailed reporting. The database of questions is across multiple grade levels and topics. The game has got a lot of exciting and encouraging feedback from educators, parents, experts and press. We are very proud of the engagement levels of our users with more than 15% of them playing the game daily and almost 45% being retained after 30 days.