Toca Pet Doctor


Playful and intuitive, Toca Pet Doctor allows kids to care for, love and help 15 different sick or injured animal friends, including a dog, turtle, bird and more. Designed for kids ages 2-6, the app’s beautiful artwork and fun sounds guide kids through different mini-activities, empowering them to take care and feel for the animals.

The 30 activities are easy to grasp and carry out. Help the upside-down turtle by flipping it back over on its feet again, or squeeze the worm to release its knot. To play together: take turns catching flees in the dog’s fur or help to set the bones in the dove’s wing and wrap it up in a bandage to heal. Once the treatment is done, give the animals a treat – a fly to the spider, a fish to the cat or seeds and berries to the birds.

Like all of Toca Boca’s apps, Toca Pet Doctor offers a safe digital environment; apps are gender-neutral and non-competitive with no external advertising or in-app purchases.