Toymail Mailman


Founded by Gauri Nanda, the MIT grad behind Clocky, and Audry Hill, a mother of three, our mission is to keep families connected without putting kids behind another screen. Our toys called The Mailmen play back messages you record anytime, anywhere using our app. Kids can reply right from the toys, so it’s a two-way conversation. Those conversations are stored on your phone, and the memories made are saved forever. Whether you are a parent at work, friends down the street, a grandma an ocean away or a soldier deployed, you can send and receive Toymail through our app. Now, imagine your child’s favorite character taking them on a new adventure every day. What we’ve created with Toymail is a platform that can be put into millions of toys. With Toymail inside, toys are as intelligent as the cloud. There is literally no limit to what they can say. Whether it takes the form of a virtual scavenger hunt, a foreign language lesson, a song, or a bedtime story, the more Toymail a child gets, the more they fall in love with their toy. Toymail toys take children on new adventures every day, without isolating them behind a screen.