Research has shown that meaningful family engagement — the amount of time children spend talking with their loved ones, reading together, playing with them, or cuddling — has a direct impact on learning, motivation, and overall happiness both immediately and in the long term.

“Screens” have historically gotten a bad rap when it comes to family engagement. But at Kindoma, we think about ‘screens’ not as mechanisms to keep families apart, but as windows that can bring families together.

Drawtime is Kindoma’s latest revolutionary family connecting app that allows children and their loved ones to draw together over video calls and messaging. For grandparents, divorced families, parents who travel, or anyone else separated from their littlest loves ones, this is an entirely new way to keep in touch. Kids and their families can do anything they would with a pen and a piece of paper – draw together, practice letters, play tic-tac-toe – whether around the block or around the world!