ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids


Jump into the mind of Paul Klee with ExplorArt Klee!

This beautifully designed interactive picture book introduces kids to the dreamlike works of the 20th century Swiss-German master. Paul Klee’s art pieces come alive, becoming enchanted animated scenes that children can explore inspired by their own free imagination and creativity. Upon opening the app, users are greeted by a young boy, Cice, and Ku, two playful friends that will serve as guides to PK planet, a very special place that came to life thanks to the works of the great artist.

Favouring discovery over instruction, the app intuitively invites viewers to tap the screen to create their own experiences. Six interactive versions of significant Klee works are presented and each one has a different activity: some scenes emphasize shape and dimension, while others encourage awareness of music and motion. The gentle soundtrack provides a pleasant ambiance that encourages kids to linger and explore.

Meet Cice and Ku, start the journey, dive into Klee’s art pieces and explore his art! Let your imagination fly high on the wings of creativity!