Play-Doh Touch


Kids can create a world of hands-on adventures and watch their PLAY-DOH creations come to life like never before with the PLAY-DOH TOUCH SHAPE TO LIFE STUDIO! Simply download the PLAY-DOH TOUCH app, shape a PLAY-DOH creation, place it on the SHAPE TO LIFE STUDIO, and scan it into the app using your iPhone or iPad. The creation will come to life on screen, letting kids enjoy a whole new virtual PLAY-DOH world! Kids can use the character stampers to create new friends that will unlock their own unique worlds and personalities when scanned into the app or shape their own unique creations using the cutters and tools to customize and enhance their virtual worlds. When it’s time for the PLAY-DOH creations to go back in the can, save them in the app to play another day!

With the PLAY-DOH Touch app and SHAPE TO LIFE Studio set, Hasbro seamlessly combines hands-on and digital app play for customizable, imaginative PLAY-DOH fun. This is the first time the PLAY-DOH Brand has offered the ability to seamlessly loop between digital and physical play and a great example of how technology can enhance – not replace – a hands on physical play experience.