Afitar® is a fitness puzzle game for the smartphone.

It is based on the unique concept of a fitness avatar called “Afitar®”, where the user’s in-game appearance dynamically changes to reflect their level of exercising in real life – if they exercise a lot they can sport a super hero look, if not then they could be a couch potato, zombie or worse!

The core concept involves having to run or walk in real life – powering up the Afitar® to be stronger in our “Match 3” puzzle game to fight against an invasion of cute monsters! As the monsters get harder to beat, the user will need to exercise in real life to progress through the levels

Afitar® deserves a KAPi Award based on its innovative use of technology to encourage families and children to get active and healthier together via a multiplayer experience. The game is designed to fight heart disease and obesity with 17.7 million deaths yearly and 124 million children obese; these are serious llife-threatening global issues. With the younger generations growing up addicted to digital technology, we aim to turn the problem into a solution; promoting fitness via the power of casual gaming.