Animal Jam-Play Wild!


Animal Jam is a digital playground for kids who love animals, exploration and adventure. In the fall of 2018 the brand reached the 100 million registered users mark, establishing itself as the #1 online community for kids. Animal Jam is the 2017 winner of the Kidscreen Award for Best App for Kids, the 2017 Google Play Award for Best App and has been COPPA compliant and CARU-certified every year since its launch.

Each day, players create over 20,000 new playable animals and pets, and trade nearly 100,000 items to customize their animals and dens. Players chat with their friends and share over 5 million lines of chat and 4 million Emotes per day. Today’s social media platforms aren’t built for beginner-level networking for kids 6-12, so Animal Jam serves as a safe destination for kids to discover the online world and connect with friends in a controlled, positive environment. With 40 moderators reviewing in six languages, our strict privacy features and regularly updated chat filters show kids how to be responsible digital citizens and how to safely navigate the Internet.