Coding Adventure


The KAPi Awards place a high focus on media and technology that support child playing and learning processes. Coding Adventure is a web-based game that enhances the child’s learning experience as they learn to code by helping a monkey catch the bananas.

Coding Adventure is just what it sounds like – an adventure filled with code! Geared towards children 7 years and older, Coding Adventure teaches beginners how to code in CoffeeScript, a versatile and practical real coding language that is as easy to learn as Python, but as multi-functional as JavaScript. Coding Adventure combines every feature needed to successfully learn: a coherent storyline, intuitive user-interface, user-adapted hints and tips, practice and repetition of concepts and scaffolded learning. Each challenge, or level, is checked and graded automatically – making it perfect for teachers! Both students and teachers can play and teach CodeMonkey respectively with no prior coding experience.

Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, paving the way for students to proceed to learning advanced subjects in Computer Science, such as game design, algorithms, and data structures. Throughout Coding Adventure, students learn concepts such as statements & arguments, objects, loops, variables, arrays, functions, conditions and boolean logic.