Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit


This build-it-yourself wireless wand teaches how to code and create, as you flick and swish through 70+ challenges inspired by the Wizarding World.

Following the step-by-step manual, you build a wand and learn about sensors, data and code. It combines a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to detect its location and speed in tridimensional space and track your hand gestures. You can also code the wand’s light and rumble pack.

Then, download the Kano app to unlock challenges across six iconic Wizarding World settings including Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. These teach the fundamentals of coding and introduce real-world programming with a block-based interface and a JavaScript inspector. As you complete challenges, you’ll earn medals and experience points, and unlock costumes, accessories and creatures for your profile. The coding wand can detect over 30 Wizarding World spell gestures, enabled by machine learning technology, to make jelly beans grow, bend sound, produce and control objects and more.

The fun continues with Kano World, a free, creative community that lets you open, see the code behind them and remix any spells and effects shared by community members using your coding wand.