Harry Potter Light Painting Wand


Harry Potter and the Wizarding World wands have been sold at retail for 20 years. Some are high quality authorised replicas by J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Our’s is too. It’s made from high grade resin, not plastic, so the weight is hefty but not heavy. The wand is laser scanned from the original movie prop, so the dimensions are in perfect proportion. Every scar and the aged patina is authentic. Even the tip of the wand lights up, just like in the movies, using an LED activated from a hidden button in the handle. But where it excels is the addition of simple but hugely effective technology to bring it to life in the most magical way! With huge computing power of smart devices so accessible we have created a Light Painting app that allows the user of the wand to record their actions while waving their wand in low light. Activate the hidden LED light tip and the app records every stroke, swish or flick of the wand as a perfect image of bright white lines allows the user to recreate wand duels, draw their own Patronus and upload any creative image to social media in seconds!