More than 1000 kids are separated from their parent or caretaker for more than an hour each day. To quell these stresses, parents use leashes, force kids into strollers, or choose to not leave the house.

Enter Jiobit.

Jiobit is the world’s smallest and longest lasting tracking device designed specifically for kids: It tracks indoors, outdoors, and in more than 160 countries with industry leading battery life – more than a week of active use before a recharge.

The Jiobit device is kidproof, meaning it’s tiny, discreet, lightweight, and waterproof, so it will never get in the way of a kid being a kid. It can clip onto pants and shirts, and securely attach to tags, shoelaces, necklaces and more.

The Jiobit app delivers notifications that matter. Parents to track their children’s locations in real time, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Further, they can set up a care team (babysitter, neighbor, grandparents, etc) to monitor their kids for a certain amount of time. And when in crowded areas like amusement parks or sporting events there is follow me mode, which is a digital leash that notifies a parent when a child is a certain distance away from them.