Marvelous Kids


We just created a subscription box for children that is different than the regular one. We created the ultimate family educational subscription using our Edubonding system (education + bonding).

Inspired by the 7-intelligence theory we develop an adventure in which kids and family fight against the Oblivia, using the help of 7 aliens, each one representing one of the Intelligence types.

The Dadbox contains a training kit with 3 main elements:

  1. A deck of 28 cards that using A/R triggers a challenge that a parent must do with their child before bedtime to create a ritual / training time.
  2. A four-finger video game that invites a face to face interaction using a mobile phone to discover ways to mix and match colors to defeat the Oblivia army.
  3. An LMS platform that gives short lessons in soft skills and abilities for each intelligence type.

With just 10 minutes a day during the month the parent and child will test their creativity, solution problem skills and bonding.
Our value proposition is to enable parents to maximize their time with their kids.