MekaMon Berserker V2


MekaMon is the world’s first gaming robot.

There is nothing like MekaMon currently on the market. With many layers of interaction, it is a consumer robot with personality and functionality that goes beyond the superficial. It is not simply a toy, but a platform for play, learning and creativity.

This year, a complete software overhaul in addition to hardware updates, puts MekaMon V2 firmly on the frontline of robotic technology and augmented reality gameplay.

Hardware and software work together for a rich, integrated, experience:
– Find your feet in Free Drive, adjusting MekaMon’s speed, gait and height as it explores.
– Markless tracking builds an unrestricted playspace for thrilling AR battles – with or without a physical MekaMon.
– Play alone against AR foes or battle with up to three friends
– Experiment with MekaMotion stop-frame animation – then share your moves with the community and use them in-game.

We’re also opening MekaMon up to players around the world with 18 language localisation.

Crucially, the evolution doesn’t stop here – everything from regular firmware updates to upcoming app features like coding will be backwards compatible. So we can constantly be building new experiences without leaving a robot or MekaPilot behind.