Read to Me


Recent studies have shown that year after year, children’s reading plummets while the use of apps, games, and social media continues to skyrocket. So we decided to do something about that.

We created the Read to Me lamp, a device that creates new memories between kids and family through a mixed reality reading experience for bedtime stories.

We took AR not through a device but yes with a stand-alone product that not only enhances the experience but also helps to promote human relations. We also believe that it changes completely the way digital books can be sold, not through a device but yes through the content itself to be projected in the room while your parents are with you.

The lamp includes a few books already installed that use voice recognition to identify which part of the book you are reading and display sounds or animations depending on that cue point. It will also allow parents to make up stories with their kids just by downloading different packages of content to the lamp through the app.

For us the future of reality is the invisible technology promoting human connections, and with Read To Me we believe we did it!