Sensors Alive: Bring Physics to Life!


Demystify abstract physics phenomena like light, sound, and heat as never before — with this highly innovative, gamified sensor physics lab. The core of this science kit is an app-based video game in which you use real-world sensor data that you collect from your environment to generate a diverse array of creatures. The data you collect dictates the different attributes your creatures will have: a low-temperature measurement will yield a creature with long hair to keep itself warm; a high sound level might result in a creature with tiny ears. Create, collect, play with, and care for your creatures in the app, then 3D print the creatures you’ve created!

This revolutionary STEM kit from award-winning toy manufacturer Thames & Kosmos gamifies physics learning to make the subject more enjoyable and easier to understand for kids ages 8 and up. T&K uses innovative technology to offer a pretend bio-engineering and sensor lab where kids gain experience measuring light levels, volumes, and temperatures, all the while developing an intuitive sense of the physical science of light, sound, and heat.