Sketch Kit


Sketch Kit, an accessory for Wonder Workshop’s iconic Dash and Cue robots, brings kids’ imaginations to life with the ability to create artwork by programming robots. The robotics and application software for the robots use sensor data to move the robot precisely, accurately reproducing the art the user programs the robot to draw. Sketch Kit also enables the robots to pick up and place the pen tip on command, resulting in unlimited design capabilities. As a benchmark, when the robots are programmed to draw a hexagon of 40cm side on the Wonder Whiteboard mat on a flat surface, the robots will be off by less than 1cm by the end of the drawing. As the robot draws code-based pictures that kids create, it transforms into a new learning experience that will spark imagination and creativity, all while teaching invaluable critical thinking, spatial reasoning and STEM skills. Sketch Kit comes with six dry erase markers, a set of project cards and an optional whiteboard drawing surface. Sketch Kit for Dash and Cue robots is a unique product that combines art, math, computer science and robotics for children and adults alike.