The ONE Piano Hi-Lite


The ONE Piano Hi-Lite is the first-ever piano strip that turns any 88-key piano or keyboard into a smart learning device to teach people of all ages and levels to start playing in minutes. The strip requires no installation onto the existing piano or keyboard – you simply place the LED strip at the top of the piano or keyboard and connect the micro-USB to a tablet or smartphone. Through the free ONE Smart Piano app available on any iOS or Android device, users can explore more than 4,000 variations of sheet music and hundreds of video lessons and interactive games.

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite features blue and red LED lights and advanced laser sensor technology that corresponds to the light color and speed depending on skill level. The strip can be used with The ONE Piano Classroom, a music-learning platform available to educational institutions and teachers.

Combining The ONE Music Groups’ technology and learning techniques validated by 200,000+ users worldwide, The ONE Piano Hi-Lite aims to provide continued success for users interested in learning how to play the piano.

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite is a winner of the 2018 Edison Award, National Parenting Product Awards, and Moms Choice Awards.