Zümi is the first compact, affordable robot that teaches skills used in the self-driving car industry. Current resources for learning this stuff require in-depth knowledge in robotics, math and computer science. But with uniquely playful and hands-on tutorials and missions, Zümi makes learning about AI approachable for everyone, not just hardcore geeks.

Zümi is easy to pick up and start learning with, but there’s also an extraordinary amount of depth to explore. We have equipped Zümi with industry-standard tools used by self-driving car engineers. Once students have grasped the the concepts of artificial intelligence and deep learning at a high-level using block-based coding, they use these professional tools such as TensorFlow and OpenCV, to train her to drive autonomously in a given environment.

Zümi’s personality evolved through classes at Girl Scouts where we discovered girls’ natural inclination towards solving real-world problems. She is a proudly female robot; curious and technically savvy, inspiring girls to follow a career in engineering.

Because we believe that everyone should have equal access to the best in high-tech education, we’ve designed Zümi to be budget-conscious (less than $150). We hope that she will spearhead artificial intelligence education in public schools.