Base Kit 2


Base Kit 2 engages kids 8-12 in programming with hands-on electronics. It combines physical components that offer immediate gratification, real typed coding that teaches transferable skills, and structured projects with support materials so kids can learn at their own pace with no prior experience.

For kids to want to learn coding, it has to be fun and relevant. Through simple circuits, children can quickly ‘make something happen’ that is exciting and real. These projects are shareable, interactive, and are often ‘prototypes’ of items that kids see in their lives, like a doorbell, piano, or flashlight.

Our approach to teaching coding is to get kids started with a working program, and then encourage tinkering, and experimentation. Instead of sitting down to a blank code editor and thinking “what’s next?”, kids start with a working project that keeps their attention and are presented with challenges that encourage them to modify the program.

By using typed C++ coding, there is no ceiling to what kids can make. They’ll be able to transfer the coding fundamentals from the Base Kit 2 to other disciplines like game design, robotics, and web development.