BuddyPhones Cosmos – ANC


The BuddyPhones Cosmos are the only headphones to combine active noise-cancelling technology, volume-limiting circuitry, and multiple listening settings in one premium safe audio product. By 8 years old, 93% of kids go online for around 13.5 hours a week most often to play games. To meet the evolving needs of this growing market segment, the Cosmos gives young listeners a longer, safer, and more comfortable listening session.

The design of the Cosmos is cohesive, ergonomic and affordable. Other unique features pass on added value- like a long 18-hour battery life, shareable audio jack, multiple listening settings, and a backup cable so you can use the headphones even without battery,

BuddyPhones first introduced multiple listening modes to headphones; the Cosmos goes a step further by combining that technology with active noise-cancelling capabilities. The headphones come with Toddler Mode (74dB), Kids Mode (85dB), Travel Mode (94dB), and StudyMode, which optimizes vocals to be crisper and clearer. This has broad applications for kids in daily use, when travelling, or in educational settings.

Our brand continues to push the boundaries of kids headphones by launching products not even available to adults, seen here with the world’s only ANC headphones with multiple listening modes.