Coding Critters


Coding Critters are kids’ first coding friends, introducing basic coding as early as preschool through 100% screen-free “storybook coding”. Follow the storybook to bring tales to life and learn valuable STEM skills. The interactive pets also allows kids to enjoy pretend feeding, petting and playing with their new animal friends. Continuing Learning Resources’ legacy of innovation in screen-free coding, this darling has been recognized as a Good Housekeeping top toy for 5-year-old Girls, and has received the Parents Magazine Best of CES Award, a top STEM toy and Best Toy of the Year awards by Parents Magazine in addition to being a favorite toy of the Busby quintuplets from TLC’s OutDaughtered. According to one Houston-area preschool teacher, “I never even knew what coding was about…was intimidated by it. But after seeing [the Coding Critters] today…it’s pretty simple. I’m looking forward to our children being more involved with it.”